About Us

“There’s Just Something About The Smell Of Fresh Cut Grass and a Beautiful Landscape In Full Bloom”

Neat edges trimmed, flowers blooming beautifully, borders looking great after the sprinkler has just run – and that smell…oh that aromatic smell… (For me) it’s a mixture of pure black bark mulch, sweet blooming Azaleas and fresh cut grass…Our summer evening’s here in West Houston are so much fun to spend outside…
And I as a landscape architect wanted to be able to re-create that complete picture of visual beauty and sensory overload.
But (as a Father of 3) it had to be an environment of functionality at the same time being made for Kids.
Perfect landscaping design, the right plant choice, fully automatic sprinkler systems, Hard wearing pool landscapes, BBQ and outdoor living areas – the full experience.
That’s what interested me in the ‘science’ of landscaping…

Hi I’m Scott Bean,

I grew up in the Katy area and started mowing yards in junior high and by the time I graduated from high school I was taking care of 52 yards.
After a stint of exploring the country and getting an education – I moved back to Katy in 1999 when it was time to start my family. I knew that the good schools, small-town feel and friendly people would be the perfect place for my kids to grow up.
Working as a commodities broker, I came to the decision shortly after my first child was born that I needed to pursue a passion instead of a career
I just couldn’t shake that feeling of creating something like I had in High school, mowing and landscaping all those yards…A business that would allow me to spend time with the people I love. That’s how Outdoor Development came to be.
I started the company in 2001, building it on the principals of making things better, to create spaces where people can gather and enjoy the outdoors.
Although I had ‘skills’ having already been creating Katy landscapes through high school – I knew I needed to ‘hit the books’. So I got an education in horticulture, I learned about turf management, plant identification and soil preparation – but more importantly – the science behind how it all functions…
I stepped on the verge of being the best landscape architect. I learned how to design an area to maximize the visual beauty but at the same time building a hard playing area. Good drainage, correct building of beds, exact soil preparation, situational specific plant selection, size considerations, amount of upkeep required as well as how will it wear in your situation.
There is no point trying to maintain a huge immaculate landscape area when you have 3 Kids like I do!

My Personal Space Must be Functional

My back yard is a big outside play area with a saltwater pool, a freshwater outdoor shower and a grilling ‘n’ chilling area. We have outdoor TV’s so I can watch the game when I’m cooking – It’s my place to kick back and relax…and ‘yes’ you can kiss the cook!
My front yard is a showpiece of flowers and blooming shrubs, seasonal color and rapidly growing Nuttal Oaks.
This is the experience I want to bring to every landscape I develop – no matter if it’s an all-fun zone or a quiet secluded relaxation spot. Every yard is different and every design unique. Consulting with what you want, adding what I know will work, and developing a custom landscape plan – that’s what we do at Outdoor Development.

My Commitment

I as a landscape architect made a commitment to get to know every customer that we had, personally answering the phones and meeting with each one to establish a relationship. I want to show you the personal investment that Outdoor Development will make in your yard while maintaining the vision for what YOU want in every project we do.
We will help you design that concept for your ideal yard.
As you can imagine –
Through the years Outdoor Development has grown.
Having worked with literally thousands of people in and around Katy in the last 13 years, from maintaining yards, small budget landscaping to complete outdoor space developments and of course commercial contracts – we’ve done it all.
There’s a reason one of the best ‘high end’ homebuilders in Houston and I work together exclusively when it comes to designing and installing the ultimate complete front and back yard Katy landscaping experience…
My designs are the aesthetics In Front of his houses…and they SELL from the moment homebuyers see the ‘complete picture’. I know what it takes to make it look great and function easily all on autopilot.
I’m picky about who I work with too… I have the best team of installers in the area.
Salvador has worked with me since the start of Outdoor Development in 2001. We shared a mower in the early years, but like me Salvador’s passion is landscapes…He run’s the crews and develops my visions – he’s my No. 1 guy…
If you are thinking about hiring a landscape company – it’s only as good as it’s employees. That’s why Salvador and I spend so much time training our team members. The supervision has to be there. You have to have someone you trust.
Look, if you are happy with ‘any old’ landscaping company, which may or may not run off with your deposit – never to be seen again – we probably aren’t meant to work together…
My clients know I’m a Katy boy. I only work in Katy and West Houston and I live as well as work here. I’m not going anywhere any time soon – so rest assured, your project is in good hands…
I personally walk through each job – several times! – To ensure you are getting EXACTLY what you want and paid for. I only want to be as big a company for what I can personally take 100% responsibility for.
I answer every phone call, I still meet with every client and I still work to make sure that every job is done right.
I hope to discover your landscape with you very soon…