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We provide a range of different Katy lawn service and are highly passionate about what we do. Our mowing and trimming services in particular can help to keep your grass looking green and fresh and will help you to take full advantage of the beautiful landscape you already have!

All of us here love spending time outdoors and we believe strongly that a stunning garden can make life much better. Our founder and CEO Scott Bean is the perfect example of this. He has been working in the industry since he first started mowing lawns in Junior High! Scott’s own garden is a sight to behold. It has beautiful trees and seasonal flowers, a “grillin’ and chillin’” area with outdoor TV and a large saltwater pool with outdoor shower.

Most people don’t realize just how stunning and exciting their yards can be – or how easily a professional yard service can turn their underused backyard landscaping into somewhere they can’t wait to come home to. Our services are here to help you to enjoy the garden of your dreams. If your yard is currently overgrown, patchy or neglected then it only takes a few visits to get it looking near perfect again. Read on for a full list of our services.

Weekly Service

With our weekly full service, you’ll never have to spend your afternoon or evenings mowing the lawn again. We’ll be there every week without fail to make sure your grass is the right length, that it is well watered and fed and that it will look the best it possibly can all year around. If you’ve invested in an attractive landscape design, then it makes sense to keep it looking that way. We always take the utmost care when mowing and treating your lawn and we offer our full service packages to those homeowners looking for not only a reliable service – but also a company that cares about the complete look of your landscaping.

Lawn Treatments

Our Katy lawn service treatments can keep your lawn looking stunning. We will feed and fertilize your lawn as well as taking care of pests and protecting it from the harsh sun. This is the difference between lifeless grass and a stunning lawn that looks like it came from a painting.

Just like us, your grass needs to eat! One top of our other Katy lawn services, we also offer fertilization to keep your grass well nourished. This helps it looks strong, bouncy and green and that brings the whole landscaping to life.

Watering Schedule for Texas Lawns

A sprinkler system in Texas is mandatory when you’re fighting the harsh Katy Texas sun.  A watering schedule that will keep your grass well hydrated and we can of course tie this in with watering your plants and flowers. Using properly set up and maintained sprinkler systems, we can reach every far corner of your garden and assess the current moisture of the soil to decide exactly how much water your grass needs.

Come fall, we will lay down seeds to keep your grass even and avoid unsightly patches of dry soil.

Over seeding is not just a matter of throwing seeds around your lawn. To be successful, your grass seed needs soil to be the right temperature and it needs just the right amount of water. Seeds need to be sewn just after the grass has been watered and should be given the right fertilizer to really encourage growth.

Commercial Grade Mowers

We offer a host of Katy landscaping and Katy lawn service care for residential clients but we also work with commercial clients. If you have a large open space then we can help you keep it under control with our commercial grade mowers. We also offer all our other services to businesses and organizations and can help you to deal with high volumes of footfall and other related challenges.

Weeds are one of the biggest challenges for your flowerbed. These can kill your plants and your grass and it’s a never-ending job to keep them at bay. Instead of putting your back out only for them to spring up again, why not let us deal with them weekly. We’ll make sure we regularly keep them away and we have the very best tools and products to kill them quickly and easily.

Full Service Maintenance

Our full service yard care includes everything you could possibly need to keep your front and/or back yard in tip-top shape. We offer watering, mowing, seeding and more and your landscaping will never look better. You can pick and choose the specific service you need or leave it to our discretion. Either way, this is the best lawn care Katy has to offer!

You simply won’t believe what a change even the first visit can make – and just how quickly and affordably you can bring your lawn and landscape up to its very best.

Our Katy lawn service is affordable and we offer a full mowing options, we mow, weed eat, blow, line trim, edge, pull weeds as well as trim all shrubs and trees to maximize the growth potential and keep you landscaping looking beautiful.

Once you start working with us, we will offer a wide range of services and suggestions and will work closely with you to ensure your lawn and landscaping looks the best it can be. We’re the all-in-one package for lawn care Katy, Texas and there’s really no reason to look anywhere else.

Get in touch today for our Katy lawn service and get ready to spend a whole LOT more time relaxing in your garden!

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